Nadya meditating at sunrise


When you wake up early out of choice, you know you’re where you want to be.

I set off to Thailand this month with the intention of finding some rest and relaxation, an opportunity to do some yoga and get a bit of sun – celebrate my birthday too.

Instead I experienced a sanctuary like no other on both a literal and romantic level.

Each morning I awoke on the Island, the sun would rise on a brand new day bringing with it new experiences, new friends and a sense of rebirth.

Each morning the sun would rise and it would remind me of the beauty present in life. How often do you stop to see it?

Sunrise at Vikasa

The sun rising over Vikasa, in Thailand

Whatever negativities had existed, didn’t seem to for that moment, ok, they were still there but the sun was fricking shining, blinding them out of sight – they didn’t matter!

Strange thing was, the sun wasn’t any different to the one back home, I was just seeing the miracle of sun rise from a different perspective. I was seeing everything from a different perspective.

I was told some time ago, by numerous people that some of the solo adventures I’ve been taking were running away, they’re weren’t me, I’d only come back and be in the same mindset, job, position, whatever and to be wary of that.

… ok, in a literal sense I may still be where I was before. But happiness, health, wealth and love are somethings that I’ve learnt can be controlled with a sprinkle of “perspective” – I’ll keep coming back to that word.

I haven’t run away, I’ve returned being grateful, feeling revitalised, energised, full of a happiness and love that I want to share with you all.

If there’s one thing I’ve taken away, it’s that the energies we emit seriously have the power to make or break someone’s hour, day, week or month, heck, the energy you’re omitting even has the power to break your own.

I didn’t have to go all the way to Thailand to do yoga to realise that, all I had to do was find some perspective and be mindful of myself and for some that can take days, weeks or in my case, some 30 years.

I plan to see the “sunrise” in each and every day from herein and hopefully many of us can do it together.

Thank you to so many of you who have been here for the journey so far, and for those who will continue to be…

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