River trent, trent bridge

Taking a different route

We walk, run, drive and journey along the same paths, streets and roads day in and day out. To work and back home, to the shop and back home, to our parents, to relatives, to friends’.

Sometimes we can walk with our eyes closed, asleep, unaware, ignorant to the beauty or even unpleasantness around. Each of us with muscles taking action, working without us even having to think.

Do you tell your feet to walk, or knees to bend?

Do you tell your hand to grip that steering wheel and turn?

I, like you have done all of this – and I still do. Wondering how I got to where I am? Numb to the surroundings because I see them every day. Just a week ago I started to notice the dandelions which adorned the paths I was walking to work each day. I’m unsure what made me notice them then, but it stopped me in my tracks and I admired the beauty of them intricately. Aware that passers by may be questioning my behaviour as they walked past or mocking me inside, very aware – and that to me was the most important thing, at that moment. To be in the present and aware of it.

Yesterday I took a different path…

Yesterday I went for a run. There are often 3 routes I’ll follow after work. Two of which I have the river at my side for company and another through the city. Each has it’s advantages and drawbacks, all stem from boredom at not seeing anything new, which isn’t actually true because every day running, even down the same path should bring something new.

But this time, once again, for no reason why, I wondered how I’d feel about one of those same routes if I reversed it and saw it a different way. Often when I’m feeling uninspired I try to find new ways to do the same thing. Whether solving a problem, in need of some mental stimulation or not in the mood. I guess this was one of those times.

I change direction, literally.

That change in direction helped me to become more mindful of the area in which I live. The buds that were starting to flower because it was Spring. How beautiful they were. Markings on the road I’d never seen before. The way the sun reflected off the river from a different angle at that time. The way the river took a bend where I didn’t expect it to and how the sounds seemed to travel differently.

It’s strange but one of the most consistent yet simple ways you can take to open your mind, and awareness is to take a different route or travel it differently.

Opening up your senses to feel inspired and motivated.

Opening up your awareness to appreciate the things you may take for granted everyday.

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