It’s time to log off

From the very beginning technology was built to serve us. Or at least it was meant to. However I’m struggling to think of a time more recently where I haven’t felt a slave to it.

In particular my smartphone.

Thumbs aching from persistent scrolling.

Mind numbing slowly from images of cruelty or obsession.

Intelligence fading with each double-tap of a button or hyperbolic reaction.

When was the last time you literally laughed-out-loud as you typed “LOL” or actually loved that post from Rita your best friend’s neighbour moaning about her job? Do you take a moment to check in with yourself about how you really feel as you’re tapping and touching through your screen?

“I’m not saying social media is a bad thing.”

In fact for many of us our lives have felt more enriched than not. We’ve often felt more love than not. More empathy and more connectivity, particularly to those on the other side of the world.

However, too much of anything can be bad for you.

Even if it’s a good thing.

“Excess consumption can do more harm.”

We’ve all heard the saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but how many of us are excessively consuming apples to avoid getting sick? There are many different opinions on how much water humans should be drinking each day but many claim that the magic number is 2 litres – and no more – to avoid any risks to health.

Just as we look after our bodies we should do the same for our minds and social media hasn’t quite been cutting it for me just recently.

“I’m finding myself spending less time in the present.”

Taking photos of moments I’d rather remember through my own eyes than a lens and even letting food go cold for the sake of an instagrammable photo. My phone has long been my first and last interaction of the day when the person I love is laying next to me in bed – something just isn’t right there…

So for me, just for a few days or so it’s time to be in the moment. Reconnect with the people and moments that matter most – read a book or two – exercise my mind.

It’s time to log off.

Time to log off


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