Notitngham BLM protest - Racism is a pandemic

Nottingham BLM protests: channelling that positive energy

Resources and ways you can help:

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that attended today’s protest against racism, police brutality and black marginalisation that felt conflicted about whether to attend or not in light of the health pandemic we’re facing. But when I stopped the many times I did to think about it, racism is a pandemic in itself.

A disease that is spreading through society like a cancer. But we have the antidote!

It was important for me to attend today and stand with black people for black people, observing social distancing rules, with a face mask, gloves and anti bac in my bag. Afterall if you can use all these provisions, just as you would when going to a supermarket, while limiting exposure then why wouldn’t you?

There are many people, like me that feel strongly that racism and police violence has got to the point where the risk calculation’s changed. And I’m one of them.

I’m proud of Nottingham today, but I want to be proud of us everyday. Let’s take today and use that positive energy to start sending those emails, start having those difficult conversations start challenging racial bias and fighting for freedom.

Black Lives Matter.

I understand race may well be an uncomfortable conversation for you, it’s uncomfortable for me. Possibly because you and I are scared of saying the wrong thing, offending people, losing friends, causing distress or even having our safety threatened. That’s why I’ve put tigetehr a couple of resources that may help.

Post 1: Getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. A post to help you break your silence with confidence.

Post 2: Racial injustice: what to say when… A post to help you know what to say, when you come into contact with racial bias, oppressive, repressive or racist views, confidently. There are some factual and well considered challenges in there to either “ask” or “educate.”

Resources and ways you can help:

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