I’ve spent most of my life actually wondering what to write in my “About” space. Truth be told, I’m still working it out so this may change from time to time, much like my life seems to.

When I’m not tackling my demons you’ll mostly find me spending time with my other half, Daniel or surrounded by my cat, Pepper and hamster, Gizmo, my little fur family – one I wish could grow bigger but due to work commitments and travel plans, we’ll keep it at two for now.

As a newly turned 31-year-old I’m still getting used to being “middle-aged” but that mostly means I run more, meditate more and attempt to find new ways of releasing emotions I’ve still not got used to feeling – through yoga! It also means I know what I like, so I tend to eat a lot more of that and probably drink a little more of this than I should at the end of a working week.

While life brings with it many treasures it also brings with it some trash and I know I’m not the first to go through on/off battles with the “black cloud”  but I have found writing often helps me work the bad things out, as does cooking! This is where Nerves and Nibbles comes in.

When I’m not sat behind a desk earning the pennies or cuddling my fur babies you’ll often find me sneaking teaspoons of peanut butter into my mouth reading self-help books, or listening to music – I don’t watch TV.

I’m keen to hear your thoughts on Nerves and Nibbles, maybe you’ve tried a recipe, read a post or have some ideas – reach out.