Food has played a big part in my life, and I kinda feel like we all have a complicated relationship with it at times. When I’m sad I eat a lot of it, when I’m happy I don’t and when I’m in love, I’m comfortable, so I eat even more!

For more than a decade I have battled with clinically diagnosed depression and anxiety  and found food has gone from being a threat to a refuge and when I finally took the plunge and began following a plant based diet it became my therapy.

Now whenever I’m in the kitchen throwing ingredients together, modifying recipes or baking I’m in that moment, and it takes me away from everything else. From the textures, the smells and the movements, not only am I now feeling the benefits of plants in both my body and my mind, but I’m getting moments of mindfulness all while seeing just how much my food is appreciated by those I cook for.

Here I post some of my favourite, improvised and borrowed recipes which are simple, and may surprise you to think are plant based. Intrigued? Give one a try and if you do, why not let me know how you get on…

Nadya's improvised ramen

Savoury Nibbles

I love experimenting with new flavours and nothing excites me more than when I see the fusion of colours which adorn my plate at the end of finished meal prep.

Chilli chocolate pie

Sweet Nibbles

I often find I have the ingredients in my cupboard to make something sweet, it’s like they have “accidentally” become my cupboard staples without me even realising.

Christmas nibbles header

Christmas nibbles

From small nibbles at social gatherings right through to your main course on the day, Christmas food has plenty of choice, and it has even more when it’s plant-based.