Christmas nibbles

Nothing gets me into the festive spirit more than good food with good company. When I made the decision to go plant-based the whole world of cooking and baking became more open to me as I found intriguing, new combinations of ingredients I’d never thought of cooking or baking before. However, when I encountered my first Christmas, on a plant-based diet,  it became even more exciting. Without a main dish centred around meat I was able to experiment and really get to the core of what my tastebuds wanted for Christmas.

From small nibbles at social gatherings right through to your main course on the day, Christmas food has plenty of choice, and it has even more when it’s plant-based.

If you happen to try any of these, let me know your thoughts and of course, share.

Rice Krispie Christmas Trees

“O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree…how delicious are your garlands.” No seriously, that’ll be the lyrics once you’ve made these delicious Rice Krispie Christmas trees.

Festive Gingerbread

I’m not sure why, but I always associate the idea of baking gingerbread with kids and families. It might well be because it’s something we typically did at school, or seems fun because of the shapes you can use.

Vegan cheezy nibbles

Before these, me either! And honestly don’t sweat it. They take about as much time as it takes to make some cupcakes which I was totally onboard with and have ingredients that many of you will have as your cupboard staples.

Homemade Turkish Delight

The first time I made this recipe I had no intentions of this being a success. But somehow it was. I posted photos of the end result on my instagram and had plent of requests for the recipe, but have only just written it up – sorry!

Homemade Mince pies

Making mince pies from scratch is pretty easy, particularly when they’re vegan. There’s less mess, you know what’s gone into them and if you’ve got a food processor it all comes together pretty quickly.

Homemade plum jam

You might think it weird to make a jam at Christmas, but Christmas isn’t just about the dinner, it can also be about the breakfasts nibbles, the sweet treats, the cheese and crackers and of course gifts, which jam can definitely be.

Vegan scones

Having heard a great deal about a certain Mary Berry, (I think she use to be on the British Bake Off?) I found a non-vegan recipe of hers that I thought I would adapt and experiment with.

Vegan Yorkshire puddings

For some it wouldn’t be Christmas without them, for others they have no place on the plate at Christmas. Either way I like to cater for all at my Christmas dinners so it’s always worth having the option.

Chestnutty sprouts

“O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree…how delicious are your garlands.” No seriously, that’ll be the lyrics once you’ve made these delicious Rice Krispie Christmas trees.

Homemade vegan mincemeat

Vegan homemade mincemeat

Once you’ve got your ingredients and a jar, all you need to do is combine them and be patient for a few days to give your fruit time to mature.

Homemade Chocolate Hazelnut spread

Festive Choconut spread

One thing that made me sad about opting for a plant-based diet was the fact I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy Nutella anymore. Even local supermarket’s own brand of chocolate hazelnut spread didn’t offer milk-free alternatives and I wondered how I’d actually go without.

Shortcrust pastry recipe

Homemade shortcrust pastry

Weird as it is, pastry is very much feared by people in the kitchen, particularly when it comes to vegan pastry. Crumbly dough, dough that too dense, thse are all common occurrences. But just as with non-vegan baking there are some common mistakes that you can avoid to ensure that these don’t occur.