Savoury Nibbles

I love experimenting with new flavours and nothing excites me more than when I see the fusion of colours which adorn my plate at the end of finished meal prep.  This doesn’t happen as much with the sweeter nibbles.

It also means I get to play around with different recipes from all over the world; Indian, Japanese, Thai and American to name but a few. I mean, I love to travel but food is the next best thing.

Most of my inspiration comes from the food I see others eat, the colours, I fancy seeing or the ingredients which are on offer – yes, I am a bargain hunter!

If you happen to try any of these, let me know your thoughts.

Creamy homemade soya milk

Sometimes you just need to make something to prove to yourself just how simple it is to do. Creamy, frothy and delicious – I was pleasantly surprised by this kitchen experiment.

Crushed potato and lentil pie

I remember when I was younger,  on the colder days, getting in from school and seeing a Shepherd’s or Cottage pie waiting in the kitchen ready to be eaten. There was always something about stewed veg and mashed potatoes that just made me think of home.

3-ingredient pizza base

I do have a bit of a love for pizza. For most women, pre-menstrual cravings often bring a desire for chocolate, sugar or sweet treats. I get them, but then I also get ones for pasta and pizza too!

Tomato and Pesto Pizza!

There were very few weeks that went by during my first six months of opting to be plant-based that I didn’t find a recipe suggestion appear on my desk – and that’s where the inspiration for this recipe comes from.

Fake fried chicken

This recipe proves that not everything vegan is healthy and green. In fact this recipe is deep fried so isn’t particularly healthy at all!

Easy oat milk recipe

Easy oat milk

This recipe doesn’t require as much preparation as my soya milk recipe did, and considering I do prefer oat milk I think I may try and ensure I have a jar of this hanging around in the fridge from week to week.

Pulled pork-style aubergine burger

I often use Aldi’s “Super 6” deals to purchase fruit or vegetables I wouldn’t usually – which leads me onto this recipe, which allowed me to try something new.

Homemade gnocchi

I never thought I’d see the day where I was making gnocchi from scratch in my own kitchen. With very little prep, ingredients or skill required (although a bit of washing up) you’ll be making gnocchi every week before you know it…

Curried parsnip soup

I can’t believe there was ever a time when I used to hate parsnips. As a kid, growing up all I ever did was compare them to carrots. And I hated them far more.

Plant based steak

It’s been an exciting time for vegans and those following a plant-based diet with a myriad of ready made meat-replacements being released over the past year,. However, the further I have gone into my plant-based journey I’ve started to rely on these a little less as I start to explore more whole food varieties.

Luscious lentil lasagne

I had to write this recipe up as soon as I had eaten it, because the flavours , textures and colours were so fresh in my mind, I just had to be able to do the recipe justice. I currently live with an omnivore, and the fact even he said it was delicious spoke volumes to me.  

Pea & Mint soup

Pea & mint soup

I’ve always had this memory of a eating a bright green soup at my Nana’s. Which is weird because she was Ukrainian and the soup I probably should remember most was Borscht.

Sweet red pepper soup

Sweet red pepper soup

I made this dish after finishing a duo of soups: pea and mint and carrot and coriander, so I now refer to this trio as my traffic light soups. Together they’re a force for Autumn and Winter warming so keep this recipe close because those two seasons are just around the corner.

Teriyaki tofu

Teriyaki Tofu

Admittedly embarking on the mission to create my own sauces did take a few shopping trips and kitchen experiments for me to to get right, plenty of trials and errors but if you have a commitment to saving money, saving time and making that slight step toward being a little bit kinder to your body then it’s definitely worth it!

Carrot & coriander soup

Carrot & coriander soup

I actually started writing up this recipe, when my ex was just that, my ex, but now he’s thankfully returned back into my life, and so too has this soup!

Plant powered cannelloni

Plant-powered cannelloni

I almost considered marriage for the recipe to one of the best cannellonis I’ve ever eaten. It’s strange because I forgot about it until I fancied lasagne. one day. I couldn’t find a decent recipe I wanted to try, which is why this one developed.