Sweet Nibbles

Sweet treats don’t always have to make you feel guilty or bloated, which is why you will find a combination of recipes to suit all here. But, there’ll always be some that will, which is where moderation is a great thing to exercise

I often find I have the ingredients in my cupboard to make something sweet, it’s like they have “accidentally” become my cupboard staples without me even realising.

I remember the first cake I ever baked, it was for Mother’s Day and I made it with my mum and my 10 month old brother who was running around in his baby walker getting under our feet at the time. It was delicious. But we had a way to go with our presentation skills.

The cakes, which followed, that I went on to bake alone weren’t all too great. Many turning out like biscuits…but since adopting a plant-based diet it’s like I learnt that eggs and milk were the issue and not me.

But taste never was, which is why with a bit of trial and error I manage to make to them work.

If you happen to try any of these, let me know your thoughts.

Homemade Chocolate Hazelnut spread

Chocolate hazelnut spread

One thing that made me sad about opting for a plant-based diet was the fact I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy Nutella anymore. Even local supermarket’s own brand of chocolate hazelnut spread didn’t offer milk-free alternatives and I wondered how I’d actually go without.

Apple & Mixed berry crumble

Apple and mixed berry crumble

I’m not really a team-player when it comes to kitchen experiments, often shoo-ing my guests off when they offer to help as I get flustered with my timings, but this was one was a fun team effort! 

Millionaire's shortbread

No-bake Millionaire’s “shortbread”

Rich in ingredients and rich in flavour, depending on how serious your sweet tooth is – you’ll be blown away by just how delicious these no-bake bars are – mainly because they don’t contain any added sugar!

Chocolate banana bread

Chocolate banana “bread”

I always remember my mum making a banana bread whenever this happened – I’ve never really liked fruit (until recently), so there was usually a lot going spare. She’d whip one up quickly, no mess, and it was always pretty delicious.

Carrot cake recipe

Cute carrot cake

It’s never really been my first choice when choosing a cake. But I often wonder why when it comes to eating it. It’s super sweet, super moist and usually delicious.

Flapjack recipe with berries that's vegan

Berry nice flapjacks

Warning: This recipe was borne out of the fact I couldn’t find a single vegan recipe for flapjacks that didn’t have “healthy” in the title!
As a vegan, flapjacks don’t have to be boring, they can be sweet, moist and delicious with a combination of the right ingredients.

vegan french toast

French toast (Pain perdu)

Growing up, there was only one breakfast I can remember my dad making me. He never really cooked that much. So naturally when he did, those moments stuck out. This breakfast was, you guessed it; French toast. But this isn’t his recipe, this is mine!

Chilli chocolate pie

Chilli Chocolate Pie

It doesn’t matter whether you’re vegan or not, if you love desserts and you love chocolate (and hate cheesecake) then I’m pretty sure you’ll love this

No-honey honeycomb

No-honey honeycomb

Even if you’re not vegan or following a plant-based diet and are a fan of Cadbury’s Crunchie bars you probably couldn’t come any closer to the real thing with this recipe.

Sticky peanut butter and jelly brownies

Sticky PJ brownies

I don’t know about you but I like my brownies gooey, and something I learnt while making these, is that brownies actually continue to cook when they come out of the oven, so timing is everything!

Homemade granola - sugar free, dairy free

Homemade granola (refined sugar free)

I never considered making my own granola until recently, because it’s usually super simple to just pick it up off the supermarket shelves in a box and buy, but when I started to look a little closer at what goes into most brands of it – I decided to have an attempt at making my own.

Cinnamon doughnuts

Cinnamon dusted doughnuts

I’ve only ever made doughnuts twice before and they’ve always been plant-based but I remember, before I ever did, thinking that they had to be pretty tough to make. Truth is they don’t require many ingredients at all !